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Kids/Petite Pullover Jacket

Kids/Petite Pullover Jacket

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This lightweight packable pullover jacket provides an extra layer of warmth. Easy wearability makes this a petite-friendly way to keep toasty when the temperature drops or the sun goes down. So lightweight, it will be their favorite chill-chasing solution.  Fits most from 4 ft to 5 ft tall. Check dimensions below before purchasing. 

Why You’ll Love it

  • Lightweight yet warming
  • So easy to take along with you
  • Packs down into its own sleeve
  • Perfect for soccer fields, hockey rinks, outdoor dining, beach after sundown, and more.


    Made from upcycled high-quality fabrics.

    100% wind resistant nylon

    100% polyester fiberfill core


    Please consider these dimensions when purchasing.

    Adult: Designed to fit most adults between 5 – 5"10" ft, up to 60 in. waist; Overall length: 45 in.

    Youth: Designed to fit most youths from 4 – 4"10" feet tall. up to 38 in waist; Overall length 39 in.

    Sleeves are constructed for easy cuffing

    Care Instructions

    Hand wash or wash gentle alone or with like garments. Do not wash with rough, heavy garments such as denim. Use cool water and a small amount of liquid detergent. NO FABRIC SOFTENER OR BLEACH. Hang dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting using tennis balls to fluff fibers. Avoid twisting or crushing to store – instead, pack lightly into its own sleeve.

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    Size Guide

    Flexibly fits 4'–4'10" height

    • Overall length shoulder to hem: 39 inches
    • Mid-line circumference: 44 inches
    • Best for waists up to 38 inches
    • Roll sleeves for desired length
    • Consider these dimensions when ordering