About Us

Ever been outside having a great time when, BOOM! the temperature drops, the wind picks up or the sun goes down and suddenly you are COLD?  It could ruin your time totally.

We believe nothing should get in the way of having fun with family and friends, especially not an unexpected chill.

 Which is why we invented CIFARI. It’s the lightweight, packable tunic that acts like your own personal warming hut. It’s generously proportioned, with a soft featherweight fiberfill core, and flows down effortlessly over whatever you’re wearing so that all of you feels warm and toasty, with no weight or bulk. 

And, it even packs down into its own sleeve! So, you can carry it easily everywhere you go.

 CIFARI is for a walk in the park, a dinner at an outdoor café, a Saturday soccer game, a chilly hockey rink in June, a commercial airline (no-o-o to their blankets!), or the beach after sundown.  Our friends keep coming up with more reasons and places to wear CIFARI. You will too!

No matter where your “safari” takes you, CIFARI has you covered!

Rio, our mascot was born on a napkin

My niece was the birth mother. In a restaurant. It was love at first sight.

See his hats

Hi I'm Susan!

I'm the founder of CIFARI. I first saw the need for CIFARI tunics during the summer of 2020 when COVID-19 meant ANY dining was OUTDOOR dining (no matter the weather!) After too many nights ending a perfectly lovely evening prematurely due to not having the right layers with me I thought, "what if I had an easy-to-throw-on tunic that could take me from a beautiful beach sunset into a comfortable evening outside"

I can't wait to hear how YOU decide to wear your CIFARI so email me at hello@cifariwear.com

Go Forth, Stay Warm!

– Susan