Be Warm and Stylish for Your Urban Safari

Be Warm and Stylish for Your Urban Safari

Discovering a new city or even re-discovering your own city is a favorite activity for all ages. And, it usually means lots of walking. For many, it raises tricky questions about how to dress for the wide variety of cultural, cuisine and shopping adventures that your excursion will offer. Its your personal warming hut.

 We think CIFARI is your ideal answer for how to dress for all these activities.

 Packable and weighs less than a pound

With CIFARI there’s no need for a heavy coat to drag you down. It’s the only layer you’ll need and packs into its own sleeve, so you can tuck it in a tote or stroller pocket, ready when the temperature drops. And, it flows effortlessly on and off whatever you’re wearing, so it works for changing temps.

 Look stylish, stay warm without bulk

City travelers know that an urban safari is NOT camping, and may entail popping into a trendy boutique, or grabbing a sip at the new artisanal cocktail bar. Or, you might attend a gallery opening or visit the museum. In such settings, you’ll want a coat that reflects a touch of city sophistication and the ONE coat that works for ALL of these activities. You will find that leaving it on indoors works too because its generous design allows air to flow so you don’t overheat.

 Perfect for al fresco dining

A city visit usually includes great food and with outdoor dining being the new normal, CIFARI has you covered. With a generous design, CIFARI covers your legs while seated so you can linger over dinner and coffee no matter the temperature. It’s your personal warming hut.

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